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People are just plain too busy to set up a poker game at home with bowls of pretzels and beer and enjoying the company of friends. But…poker online is thriving and there is always a game to be had that suits your pocketbook in game rooms that offer poker bonuses online. Virtual people are ready to play with you and you can play poker online for free until you learn the basics of this game.

There are three options to playing poker online. They include playing for cash, practicing for free, playing money games and then there is the poker free roll, which is a mix between cash games and play money games. In reality, the poker free roll is the best of both worlds.

When playing poker free roll, your entry is free. You don’t have to pay any money although a form will have to be filled out to become a member of a poker room. Were you to win or place high on a list, you can receive a cash prize.

In order to win at poker, you will need to know at least 10 of the card placements to obtain online poker bonuses from Internet gaming rooms.

* The best possible hand is the royal flush in which the Ace to 10 is the same suit
* Cards that are in the same row of the same suit is a straight flush
* Any four of a kind is a “four of a kind.”
* A full house is three of a kind and two of a kind
* Any five cards of the same suit is a flush
* A straight is any five cards in a row of different suits
* Two sets of different pairs is two pairs
* One pair is the same two cards
* A high card is the highest ranking card in the hand.

A free money site can be played in for a long time and the online poker bonuses an added perk to enjoy.

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